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Today Governor Rick Perry of Texas held a press conference to reassure Texans that the first Ebola patient, a man from Dallas, who crossed into the United States has been identified and is being treated and monitored. Ebola is only contagious through direct contact and, at the moment, the virus isn’t transmittable through the air. Although this particular viral breach happened through the airports, I question what other diseases are coming across our southern border and is the US medical field equipped and able to handle an influx of these diseases?

Scabies, chicken pox, tuberculosis, MRSA staph infections are all diseases that have been brought across the southern border in the last six months. As Breitbart Texas reported, federal agents are bending the CDC rules about who can enter the United States. Illegal immigrants who test positive for some diseases are allowed to enter and then are treated on the taxpayer’s dime. The Breitbart article also notes that federal agencies are not releasing the medical records for these illegal immigrants, so Americans don’t really know what types of illnesses are being brought to their state.

There are worse viruses than Ebola and chicken pox that are contagious. Marburg, hantavirus, lassa, rabies, smallpox, dengue and even influenza are deadly. As a Texan and Texas resident, I worry about what diseases my family is unknowingly being exposed to. Governor Perry has stated that Texas has an obligation to educate the illegal alien children who are here. I wholeheartedly disagree with that idea but more importantly,  I question who is assessing the health of these illegal alien children who will be sitting next to my children? I do not believe that every illegal alien child carries disease but I do know that their access to preventative healthcare is limited at best.

Due to the burdensome costs of Obamacare, hospitals across the nation are closing. With less hospitals and increasing entry of contagious and potentially deadly diseases, how will the United States survive? Funding for the NIH has dropped by 25% in the last 10 years. Medical research needs money but with federal money comes rules and regulations that stymie cutting-edge research. Our medical research is lagging, our national borders are wide-open and being exploited. We have a huge problem and President Obama is not addressing either.

My job as a mom is to do whatever is possible to keep my children safe and healthy. Because my son was born in France, he is inoculated against TB. When I tried to get my US-born daughter vaccinated, the pediatrician told me that I had to have an compelling reason to get the vaccine – being in the US wasn’t enough because there weren’t enough TB cases to warrant the vaccination (yet). I may ask again soon.

With our open borders and closed hospitals, the United States in creating the circumstances for the perfect storm. Each of us should be contacting our state and federal legislators and vigorously encourage/demand that they take the necessary steps to secure our borders and work to repeal Obamacare. In the meantime, be sure to wash your hands!