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The Washington Times released the results of an independent study conducted with the United States Navy. The study revealed that our Naval sailors and aviators have a deep mistrust of the higher ranking officers. The distrust is bred through zero tolerance policies and allowing political correctness to guide the decision making process. The morale within the Navy is low. Is it far-fetched to assume that this survey represents the armed forces in general? I believe this is an illustration of a larger problem within our military forces and it scares me to death.

As a mom, running my household is similar to running a small military unit. I am the commander-in-chief for the day-to-day operations of our family. I have two soldiers that are in an extended boot camp. My children are a part of the next generation of leaders and we need them not only well-trained but also confident in their training and abilities. If my children doubt my authority or wisdom, we have a mutinous situation that must be quashed directly and forcefully. The success of our household relies on my leadership ability and the internal compass that guides my decision making process.

If I am a mother who is easily led by the prevailing winds of political correctness, my family will remain adrift. Worrying about the proper people labeling of the day, stressing over whether my ecological choices are acceptable or being paralyzed by my fear of the PC crowd’s judgement creates uncertainty. Uncertainty in leadership causes unrest and fear in my children and then chaos erupts. Good parents must have an anchor – a moral or religious code that guides their decisions. I am a Christian, so my anchor is the Holy Bible. If my anchor were MSNBC, Slate.com, the ladies at school or even FoxNews, our family would disintegrate.

Imagine how our military will fare if the leaders allow political correctness and zero tolerance policies to be their anchor? Every soldier and sailor is expected to be perfect and follow the political correctness of the day mantra, but that mantra changes literally daily. Perfection is unattainable, uncertainty reigns, fear develops. How can we expect a soldier to follow his/her commanding officer’s orders if even the commanding officer isn’t sure that the orders are politically acceptable? Wishy-washy in the military always leads to casualties.

If the United States doesn’t have solid leadership in her military ranks, our country is doomed to destruction. Our safety and security relies on a strong and effective military. Worship of the PC god has to end. The United States armed forces need to return to their historical moral and ethical codes, require equal standards for each rank and allow only those best qualified to lead. The continued existence of our country depends on it.