constitutionWere you aware that nineteen airports within the United States don’t use the TSA agents to screen passengers as they go through security at airport checkpoints? The most recent airport to drop the TSA screeners was Orlando Sanford. Their reason for making the change was efficiency. Progressives believe wholeheartedly that the government can, with the right, smart people, do anything better than private individuals and they are consistently proven wrong. As companies like UPS, FedEx, private hospitals, private charities and many other private businesses prove, anything the government can do, private individuals can do better.

There is apprehension from the safety-first people who like the idea of the government being involved in everything because it gives them a sense of security. If they thought more about what the government should be, they’d realize that their sense of security is misplaced. Trading off personal responsibility for government control is always a loss for the individual. The men who wreaked terror on September 11, 2001 wouldn’t have been stopped even by today’s TSA. Faulty FAA regulations, a naive belief that nothing bad would happen along with a ridiculous worship of political correctness allowed those men to take over planes. If airports were allowed to hire private security firms and run the security checkpoints to the greatest benefit of the travelers, airline and airport staff, everyone would benefit, even the government.

Bowing to political correctness, fearing public unions, and maintaining a death grip on power all contribute to the failures of governmental organizations who are meant to serve the public effectively and efficiently. There isn’t much that the government should be involved in except those things outlined in the Constitution. Private companies can issue passports, drivers licenses and voter registration cards. Private companies can deliver mail, inspect food and oversee drug development. There are always incentives for private organizations to perform to the highest level in regards to public safety and welfare. There are not any immediate and swift penalties that can be levied on the government without the government’s own consent.

Mid-term elections are happening this November. Now is the perfect time to vet your candidates and work to elect those who actively support smaller government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. We would be a freer nation if the government was reigned in, personal responsibility was lauded and private individuals were allowed to prosper. Anything the government can do, We, the People can do better.