Not everything is political. I was talking to a friend of mine about politics and she said she’s basically in the center because she likes conservative ideas of government but is also pro-animal. Sigh. Despite what President Obama has managed to do in his last six years, not everything is defined by political affiliation. Politics comes down to how people and the government relate. We, the People, get to determine how the government governs us and the guidelines for that are in the Constitution.

Some things that are not in the Constitution are what kind of food people eat, what kind of hobbies people participate in, what kind of exercise people do, or even whether or not people like animals. These are not political – they are personal preference. I am trying to eat as healthy as I can stand, so I budget in grass-fed beef and raw milk when we can afford it. That’s my choice. The government doesn’t actually have a say in whether I drink it or not, but they try to through rules and regulations and even laws. If I choose to drink milk that came straight from a cow and skipped the pasteurization/homogenization process, this isn’t the government’s business. This is where I adopt the feminists mantra “My body, my choice”.

Hobbies aren’t political either. Playing video games, for example, interests people from all parts of the political spectrum. Golf, football, baseball, even soccer – none of these sports are related to government. A staunch conservative can enjoy cricket and a bleeding heart liberal can be a Crossfit fanatic (but I repeat myself). In hobbies and in exercise, political leanings don’t play much if anything in their enjoyment or participation.

Finally, being pro-animal isn’t political. Period. A person can believe in a constitutionally-limited government, free market system and fiscal responsibility and be a PETA activist. Yes, they can. There probably aren’t too many of those folks but shades of them do exist. I am a tea party conservative and my favorite animal is the baby harp seal. The seal clubbing that happens in the Arctic breaks my heart. I don’t consider myself “centric” because liking animals isn’t defined by my political affiliation.

Politics shouldn’t define everything. The fact that President Obama and a fair part of the Democrats act as though it should causes much of our social and cultural strife. As much as I love politics, I thoroughly enjoy activities, conversations, and relationships that are apolitical. It’s a good and necessary balance. So, please – let’s stop politicizing everything.