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President Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to move America’s current (mostly) private health care system into a single-payer (read: government-led) system. In 2010, President Obama and the Democrats (plus one Republican Senator – boo!) wrote and passed Obamacare, or as President Obama would love to have us refer to it, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The purpose of Obamacare, in theory, is “To provide affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending”.

But, Conservatives knew then and others are slowly discovering that involving the government in their doctor/patient relationship is costly and intrusive.

Thus, Americans for Prosperity has created a game called “Red Tape Rush” to “remind players that millions of Americans are now struggling to obtain the health care they need ever since the red tape of ObamaCare regulations began driving up premiums, cancelling plans and limiting access to doctors.


Think “Candy Crush Saga” but with colored pills and some pills stuck with red tape. As you play along the game, the levels get more challenging. When you complete a level, you are either asked a government-related question like “Do you believe government has enough and needs to live within its means?” or you are presented with a video related to Obamacare, the government and its failures. The one video that piqued my interest was about the ExIm bank but alas, there wasn’t a website link that I could open to learn more. My favorite video is when Senator Harry Reid is denouncing the Koch brothers because he looks dead serious and sounds bat***t crazy.

There are three sub-levels within a level. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 –> 2-1, you get the idea. I lost a couple of times and I was certain that I heard a *cough, loser* but I think it was only a *cough*. A few of the people who work for AFP are fairly snarky, so I might have been projecting the “loser” part. The game is easy enough to play, especially if you’ve reached the 200th level on Candy Crush, like I have (*cough – loser*). After completing the second level, I found myself struggling to maintain interest. By the fifth level, the videos were repeats, and by level seven, I quit.

The “Red Tape Rush” is a fun concept. For people who are unfamiliar with Americans for Prosperity and what they stand for, this is an engaging game, for a while. In the future, I hope that they will offer more links to give people a chance to learn as they go. Also, I was expecting to be done at some point and kept waiting for the “You did it!” screen along with a video explaining something – either what AFP does, what Obamacare is doing or, I don’t know…something. It’s possible that I didn’t play long enough and there is this endpoint.

All in all, I am glad to see a conservative organization taking a foray into educating the public via a video game. This one might not be perfect but it’s a far cry from a boring powerpoint slideshow with a voiceover. I’ll be sharing Red Tape Rush over Facebook, as that is where many of my non-political friends congregate. So, thank you, Americans for Prosperity, for taking a risk in engaging the culture-at-large. I am looking forward to more and better offerings as we lead up to the 2016 elections. We need all the messaging help we can get!