So, what do conservative girls want in a man?


Just kidding, but this article is probably going to sound that way. My dad was raised in south Texas in a small (pop. 5,660 today) town called Elsa. He grew up picking cotton, riding horses and shooting his friends with BB guns. They shot him back. He made All-State football AND basketball.  He crossed the border to buy Corona beer and wonders why anyone would drink that stuff now. My father graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1969. Can you imagine the ’69 jokes they made? That they were allowed to make because they were boys and boys make “those kind” of jokes? He played football for the Naval Academy and Roger Staubach was his freshman quarterback coach. After he graduated, he was sent to Pensacola to flight school and became a Naval aviator. (NEVER call them “pilots”.) He flew jets and hueys. He landed on carriers and flew HRT missions. Basically, my dad is a resident bad ass. And I grew up with him as my father.

My father is by no means a model dad. He’s got his faults just like we all do. He is amazingly stubborn (cough, cough, kettle!). He doesn’t like to admit when he’s wrong. All the normal faults. But, Dad ran football plays with my sister and me in the front yard. [Side note: We can both throw a mean, tight spiral and we are allowed to say that Roger Staubach taught us to throw, sort of through osmosis.] We played basketball, shot BB guns (not at each other), etc. He did a great job raising me and my sister and gave us a good understanding of what a real man can be. We both have boys, so we will no doubt impart some of his bad ass-ness onto them. Our daughters too.

So, that brings us to the question of what conservative girls want in a man and I believe my dad can offer four suggestions. First, we’re looking for a man who has done really stupid stuff and learned from it. We like a man who has stories, who can look at us and say things like:

“Yeah, I ran through that poison ivy naked on a dare but I probably wouldn’t do it again”.

Life experiences are attractive. Daring to take risks is more attractive. Knowing that you’ve done all kinds of dumb things and lived to tell about them, and better yet, are ready to move on to more “regular” life stuff is VERY attractive. So, go out there, take some risks, fail miserably, learn and do it again until you feel like you can handle whatever comes your way, more or less. Conservative girls dig it!

Conservative girls are also looking for a man who is willing to make a decision and stick to it, especially if he doesn’t really know what to do…right up until he does know what to do and then can be mature enough to change his mind. Being stubborn is not what I mean. Taking decisive action and adjusting accordingly is, which we also call leadership. A man who is willing to lead us through the unknown allows us to follow willingly. You don’t have to be perfect or even right, just be willing to make the necessary changes. This takes strength of character and humility, both which are attractive features in anyone.

And speaking of attractive features, let’s talk confidence. Confidence is sexy. Confidence also creates a safe place to land. I don’t mean cockiness. Cockiness says “Do it my way because I know best”. Confidence says “Sure, let’s give that a try”. A man who is confident is a man who likes himself, with humility. Confident men usually have a positive outlook on life and believe that they can handle pretty much any situation that comes their way, even if it means running for their lives. Who doesn’t want to be around a guy who likes himself enough that he can let other people be in the spotlight? Confidence is acquired by taking those risks I talked about and also by believing in yourself. Hey – You want to know the epitome of confidence – any person who can safely land a jet on an aircraft carrier. (And sometimes they are just cocky, but who wouldn’t be, really?)

And finally, you know that song, “The Man”? Be the man.  As I watched my dad, being the man meant doing the boring stuff like taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, killing the snakes, taking care of the cars, driving the family around.  When he wasn’t boring, he was doing the protecting stuff like going check to confirm that there were not bad guys in the attic waiting to attack me when I was sleeping but more likely squirrels running across the roof, or like bringing the shotgun to the door when dates would come pick me up. Being the man means being the bore, the protector, the solid, the cornerstone, the weight-bearing load, the steady. My mom could be absolutely hysterical over something, like the canoe possibly tipping over and my dad would say, with the calmest voice imaginable, “Cresa, if you will just go ahead and sit back down and put your paddle back in the canoe, we’ll be fine.” And it was all magically okay. He took care of us and we were safe.

Learning from experience, leadership, confidence, and being the man. These are four things that a conservative girl is looking for in a man. There are other things we appreciate such as honesty, trustworthiness, faithfulness and all those noble character traits. But you probably knew that already. Most of the conservative men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are well on their way in their pursuit to becoming the men they are created to be. So, carry on, men. The conservative girls are ready!