Police are bad.

Only police can have guns.

Police are getting too militarized.

Only police should have guns.

Police are racist.

Where are the police in the poorer minority neighborhoods?

Gun-free zones are safe.

Latest shootings of multiple people happened in gun-free zones.

Concealed handgun license carriers could go on a shooting spree.

No one was carrying in the gun-free zone mentioned above because they followed the law.

Men are evil patriarchs.

Gender is fluid.

Federal government increased budget limit to satisfy needs of country.

We’re facing another shutdown because budget doesn’t satisfy needs of the country.

More laws are needed to prevent violence.

Every law on the books didn’t prevent violence yesterday.

Republicans are racist.

The Republican party ended slavery, passed Civil Rights laws, and are fighting against minority genocide via abortion.

Not everyone has full access to birth control.

Allowing over-the-counter sales of birth control is a terrible idea.

Planned Parenthood is necessary for rural women’s health.

Planned Parenthood is only in large cities.

Needing a government ID to vote is wrong.

You need a government ID to get a library card.

People should be able to have sex with whoever they want.

Every person must constantly ensure that their partner(s) still wants to have sex at every moment of the encounter.

All boys are potential rapists.

Boys who identify as girls should be able to shower with girls.

Republicans hate the LGBT community.

We must banish the gay couple who asked a Republican to dine with them.

All truth is relative.

Climate change is a fact and denying it is evil. #Science

Everyone should be able to think for themselves.

Disagreeing with my statement is a threat to my well-being.

We are open and tolerant to all.

Shakespeare is a white bigot who shouldn’t be taught.

Men and women should be paid equally for the same job.

I worked harder than that man, I should get paid more.

Journalism is a necessary expression of truth.

“Can we get some muscle over here?”



“A man stabbed two people to death today” What a horrible man.

“A man shot two people to death today” BAN GUNS!

The Quran is a holy book for the Muslim people.

The Bible is a hate-filled book for racist white Conservative Christians.

Israel was bombed with rockets.

Israel is clearly the evil aggressor.

You getting your way is #WhitePrivilege

Me getting my way is reparations.

Everyone should be treated equally by same standards.

You haven’t met your prescribed minimum of minorities and women in this fire department.

We believe in rewarding people who merit it.

Minorities and women need a different standard for college acceptance.

Girl power!

Boy power!


Killer was diagnosed with mental issues.

Addressing mental issues is demeaning and creates stigmas.

ISIS is contained.

We are creating a new terror threat alert system.

This list could probably go on forever.

I’ve got a life to live.